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One More Way to Prevent Basement Flooding

Installing a new outdoor faucet is common practice for our team of experienced plumbers – and for lots of good reasons. If, for example, you have just one outdoor faucet now, imagine the added convenience of a second for gardening, washing your car, cleaning deck furniture, and so much more.

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And yet, the more faucets you have, the more diligent you must be in shutting them off before winter sets in. If not, you risk indoor flooding should the faucet freeze, burst, and spill its contents indoors…stopping only when someone closes the main water valve.

Then again, you can prevent all that with a new frost-free outdoor faucet…one that could save you thousands of dollars in repairs not to mention the heartache of damaged or ruined possessions.

Although manufacturers label these types of faucets frost-free, there’s no way to 100% guarantee that they won’t freeze. That’s why licensed plumbers always recommend that people turn off the water going to the outdoor faucet before temperatures freeze for the first time. If you’re not interested in turning the water completely off to the spigot, make sure that you detach the garden hose. Whether you have a frost-free or standard hose bib, this precaution makes it highly unlikely that you’ll have any issues with your hose bibs during winter.

For your added protection, our frost-free faucets contain a backflow protector to ensure that water flows in one direction only, as it’s intended. By preventing water from reversing its flow, your home water supply will be protected against the kind of contamination that could prove harmful to your family’s health – such as when pesticides and other lawn chemicals mix in with your drinking water supply.

To learn more about frost-free faucets or any other outdoor plumbing needs – like the installation of a gas grill connection or outdoor shower – contact Mike’s Plumbing today. You’ll receive a free estimate and, with your purchase, our 100% satisfaction guarantee.