tap water from kitchen sink

Signs of Contaminated Tap Water

It’s estimated that more than 90% of all home water is contaminated to some extent. The good news is, most of that contamination is so minor that it poses no risks to your health, the quality of your plumbing fixtures, or its taste.

Here’s another interesting thing about home water. Very often when you DO have a treat-worthy problem it’s not easy to detect. It can take months and years, in fact, before the negative effects of a problem materialize – even then, the source may not be instantly sourced to your water supply.

There is, however, a series of water quality problems that are easily identifiable and that should be further investigated. Here are just a few.

Getting water on the faucet

Odd Taste – Are your taste buds trying to tell you something? If so, pay close attention. If, for example, you detect a slightly metallic, bitter, or oily taste, consider purchasing a water filter.

Chlorine Odor – Chlorine is commonly added to public water supplies to remove harmful bacteria and microorganisms. While chlorine is not typically present in dangerous amounts, it can make your tap water smell a bit like a swimming pool. This chemical also removes beneficial bacteria like yeast, which can make baked goods go flat. At the same time, too much chlorine can be harmful to your health.

Rotten Egg Smell – If you’re being assaulted by a rotten egg scent, you have a higher-than-normal concentration of sulfur.

Low Water Pressure – Several factors can bring about low water pressure, including internal pipe corrosion.  Pipes can corrode for different reasons, including old age, but hard water is also a common cause. Hard water is the result of high levels of calcium and magnesium mineral content. As the sediment builds and forms an obstacle, water flow is restricted, thus leading to reduced water pressure.

Spots and Stains – Hard water can cause several other problems, too. These include spots and stains on your plumbing fixtures, spots on your glasses after running the dishwasher, reduced suds activity in the shower or washing machine, white scaly deposits on your shower door and plumbing fixtures, and more.

Cloudy Water – Several harmless compounds can cloud up your water, even if just for a few seconds. However, if the cloudiness persists, it could be from bacterial contamination.

Are these or other water quality issues evident and concerning? If so, contact Mike’s Plumbing right away for a water quality analysis and free water filtration system estimate. We are plumbing and water filtration specialists.