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What’s the difference between a furnace and a boiler? While there are several, the biggest difference is a furnace heats air to heat your home through air ducts, while a boiler heats water to heat your home through radiators, baseboard units, or under-floor pipes (radiant heating).

At Mike’s Plumbing & Heating Services Inc., we are boiler heating specialists. For starters, we maintain and repair all makes and models of home boiler heating systems. Boilers are so dependable that it’s easy to forget they require routine maintenance – but they do.

As part of our service, we will inspect the tank as well as other vital components, including the heating element and the piping throughout your home. We will address any issues we find to help prevent future breakdowns and ensure reliable heating in your Baltimore area home. Annual preventive maintenance helps ensure optimum performance, fewer repairs, longer equipment life, and lower utility costs.

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Baltimore Emergency Boiler Repair

Your boiler has a way of letting you know it needs our attention. If your boiler is exhibiting any of these warning signs, contact our experts ASAP:

  • Gurgling and whistling sounds – this could be from air in the system, not enough water, or lack of maintenance.
  • Burn marks – If your boiler appears to have been burnt, the cause could be a blocked vent or chimney.
  • Water beneath your boiler – Water on the floor could indicate a faulty safety system, faulty fresh-water feed, or thermostat setting that’s too high.
  • Rust on top of the machine – Two common causes are a build-up of carbon monoxide or not enough clean air in the system.
  • Dirt and particles on top of the machine – A lack of combustion air is often the cause.

Regardless of your issue, you can count on our Baltimore technicians to provide efficient and comprehensive services. We have been helping Baltimore homes and businesses heat their properties at optimum levels.

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