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Sump Pump Services in Baltimore

When Water Comes In, Our Plumbing Experts in Baltimore & Harford Counties Get It Right Back Out

We KNOW this has happened to many of you. You go out for the day, and the house is empty. It’s been pouring all day, but no worries. Once you get home, all will be warm and cozy again. But one you get settled something seems a little off. There’s a smell of wet clothes and must in the air, and that’s not normal. So, you look around, come up empty, and then it occurs to you – look downstairs.

Ouch! The basement is flooded or at least has enough water to fill an inflatable pool. We’re sorry if that’s ever happened to you, but it could have been avoided.

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Main Sump Pumps & Back-up Sump Pumps

For the ultimate in protection, arm yourself and your basement with two sump pumps – a main pump and a back-up. Main pumps run on electricity, which means that should the power go off or something else goes wrong, the pump shuts off. If it’s still raining, you’re at the temporary mercy of Mother Nature.

But with a back-up pump working in tandem with the main pump, you’ll have continuous water removal activity. That’s because back-up pumps engage as soon as a main pump shuts down, no matter what the reason. And the back-up will keep running either until you shut if off or the main pump re-engages.

For your added protection, our plumbing service professionals recommend an annual pump check-up to ensure it’s ready once the rains begin anew, especially in the spring. We also clean or replace the exterior drain at the bottom of the basement steps outside in the areaway.

For a dryer basement you can count on, contact Mike’s Plumbing & Heating Service Inc. today.

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