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Boiler Installation in Baltimore

Professional Boiler Replacement in Baltimore & Harford Counties

If it’s time for a new heating system, it's time to contact Mike’s Plumbing & Heating Service Inc! Trusted in the Baltimore area since 1984, we're your local boiler installation and replacement experts. We'll provide you with five-star service from start to finish, starting with an honest quote and information on the right size and type of system for your needs. After installation, we also offer our customers the opportunity to protect their boilers with routine maintenance via our convenient Service Partner Plan. If you have questions about switching to boiler heat or need professional guidance to determine whether your existing system has reached the end of its service life, we can help.

For fast and reliable boiler installation in Baltimore, turn to Mike’s Plumbing & Heating. Schedule your appointment by calling (410) 541-1811 today.

How Do Boilers Work?

Boiler heating systems have two parts: a boiler that heats and delivers the hot water, and a network of pipes that carries the water through the rooms. The pipes are typically installed in the subflooring. Pipes can be installed in baseboard heaters and radiators. The hot water evenly radiates heat throughout the room, providing comfortable, high quality heat.

Benefits of a Boiler Heating System

There are many reason Baltimore residents choose to install boilers as a home heating option:

  • Clean heat. Unlike forced air systems that circulate dust particles or other allergens throughout your home, boiler systems don't utilize a blower, so you'll actually enjoy better indoor air quality.
  • High energy efficiency. Water is a better medium for heat than air; it delivers more heat to your home for the energy expended.
  • Durable and long lasting. Boilers are made with fewer moving parts than furnaces or heat pump systems. The major component is the circulator pump. This lower number of parts subjects the system to less stress, enabling it last up to 20 years – sometimes even longer.
  • Even heat distribution. Furnaces tend to blow out heated air that simply collects at the top of a room. It can take a while for enough hot air to accumulate before it spreads out through a whole space to provide you with full comfort. The radiant heat from boiler systems, though, moves evenly throughout a space. That means added comfort and, once again, reduced energy costs.

Whether it’s a boiler or in-floor radiant heating system, we’ll provide all the comfort you need – for less. Call (410) 541-1811.

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