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Old age or system malfunction aren’t the only reasons to replace a water heater – but they’re awfully good ones. The hot water needs of your family is also a common reason to install a new system. Let’s say you bought your current system when you first moved in. Then, it was just the two of you. A year or so later, junior came along. He or she required more laundry, frequent baths, extra loads of dishes, and things only piled up as the years went on.

Along the way, perhaps another family member or two arrived on the scene. What’s the point? Well, if your water heater was the right-size for just the two of you, and you still have the same system, it can’t be the right-size any longer. As your family increased, so did the demand for hot water. This demand can overwork your system and cause the unit to decrease in efficiency until it no longer works altogether. Luckily, Mike’s Plumbing & Heating Service Inc. is here to help you ensure your water heater is always running at optimum levels.

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We Install Water Heaters to Fit Each Customer’s Unique Situation

We don’t just swap out like for like at Mike’s Plumbing & Heating Service Inc. We listen and learn what your hot water needs are now, and what you expect them to be down the road. Only then do we recommend the right make and model of a replacement system, one with the right capacity for both now and later.

Even the most properly maintained water heater will deteriorate in efficiency overtime. When this occurs, you need to install a new unit you can depend on to perform to fit your needs.

Signs it may be time to install a new system include:

  • Your faucets only produce cold or lukewarm water.
  • You regularly deal with inconsistent water temperatures.
  • Your system produces insufficient amounts of hot water.
  • You’ve discovered a leak in your current water heater tank or pipes.
  • You’ve noticed there is a significant reduction in water flow.
  • The water coming from your faucets has a foul odor or is discolored.
  • There are strange noises coming from your water pipes.
  • You’ve noticed rusty water coming from your faucet and/or your pipes are noticeable rusty.
  • There is a consistent pool of water around your water heater even after you mop it up.

We have the right water heater for you and every other customer we service. And we welcome the opportunity to recommend just the one for you, including a free new system quote.

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